WhatsApp Tatil Modu Geliyor!

WhatsApp Holiday Mode Is Coming

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application used throughout the world, continues to add new modes day by day. WhatsApp, which has recently increased its development, is now in Holiday Mode. What is WhatsApp Holiday Mode? WhatsApp Holiday Mode is Coming , we will make you aware of the issues.

WhatsApp Holiday Mode

WhatsApp is used more than normal SMS, especially in developed and developing countries. Thanks to the regular users who use it, WhatsApp returns 100 messages daily in groups of friends. If you want to allow yourself, take a break, don’t want to see them at the top of your chat list, but you can’t leave the group, WhatsApp has found the cure for your problem. WhatsApp Holiday Mode is Coming ..

WhatsApp holiday mode was introduced in October last year, but has not been voiced later. Nowadays, thanks to the updated WhatsApp, this mode will be activated. With Android 2.19.101, the company has stated that this feature is being worked on.

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With this mode, archived chats will now have their own submenu option. Therefore, you no longer need to navigate through the menu to access archived chats. If you click the button in the sub-menu, you will be able to access your archive. This feature is available in the beta version of the application.

A second feature will be considered Ignore archived chats. With this feature, archived chats will not be transferred to the archive when a new message arrives. Therefore, you will no longer be able to see the group messages you are disturbing instantly at the top. Although the feature is still in development, it will be loved when it comes to the market. As each new update is added to WhatsApp , this feature is likely to be in demand, even though users have liked some and others not. In the following days, we will see what is what together using us.

What do you think about this holiday mode? Should such a feature come? Or are you one of those who say what’s needed? You can tell us all your feelings and thoughts about this subject in the comments section and let us know where we are missing. You can also contact us from the Comment section below to learn about any topic you are curious about.

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