Warning to Instagram Users !!

Warning to Instagram Users

Social media, of course, has a huge impact on people. Whoever has a few thousand followers immediately feels the social media celebrity. Millions of people are constantly accessing at least one social media tool.

Social media not only affects people but also benefits them. For example, Instagram has made its name as the world’s second most popular social network. For many photographers, models and people who are famous on the Internet, Instagram has become a source of income. Hundreds of thousands of followers attract the attention of not only fans but also crime-prone people.

Your Account Will Be Temporarily Deleted Warning


A phishing method specifically identified by hackers and targeting popular accounts on Instagram has recently been enough to annoy people with a high number of followers. People with a high number of followers; They were amazed when they saw the email “Your account will be temporarily deleted” in their email.

This email is very close to reality. The e-mail address that contains the classic Instagram title and logo and is written from is similar to the Instagram e-mail address. This address is usually mail@theinstagram.team or info@theinstagram.team. You are told that your right to appeal to this email is only 24 hours. And within this 24 hours you will see the “Review Complaint” button. If you click the button, you will be redirected to a phishing to identify you. When you click on a picture of the fraudsters on this page, which explains the importance of the promise of copyright protection, you will see a link that you can “appeal” to. The scammers chose the language in English to make their fraud even more realistic.

As soon as you click on Object, a section will appear where you can enter your Instagram account login information. You will receive a confirmation letter. “Verify Your Email Address”. When you click on this link, you will see an email list. You will then receive the answer değerlendir We will evaluate your feedback and you will be returned ”. You will then be taken to the Instagram page again.

After this step, they can charge you to give back your account or even distribute all kinds of spam or harmful content on social media using your account. By taking all kinds of security measures, you will not be faced with such problems.

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