PlayStation 5 Will Not Be Released Before 2020

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After the PlayStation 5 , which was officially announced by Sony with a surprise development earlier this month, many questions such as technical specifications, architecture, innovations, price and release date came up.

Sony , preferring to keep their cards closed for the time being, according to information from the inside of this next generation console developed to increase spending. But technology editor Takahish in an interview conducted by Mochizuki and it’s rumored transfer According to Sony, the PlayStation 5 will hit the market for at least 12 months. According to this information, the earliest date we can see the PlayStation 5 is May of 2020.

Historically, the new generation consoles are usually released in the third or fourth quarter of the fiscal year, October – November, which is closer to the winter holiday season than spring. So it would not be wrong to say that we should wait until the last quarter of 2020 to see the next generation PlayStation . Experts close to Sony say the price of the next generation PlayStation will be much cheaper than expected.

According to Kotaku ‘s John Schreirer, Sony announced the PlayStation so early to prevent possible leaks. As a matter of fact, the producers will have received the console’s press kits very soon. As far as we know, next-generation PlayStation will be launched with ray-tracing technology and an internal SSD. Thanks to Ray-tracing, the console will survive the era of lighting and reflection, and the built-in SSD will minimize game loading times.

According to the information given by Sony , a test, PlayStation ‘s exclusive game Spider-Man ‘ s PlayStation 4 console 12 seconds fast travel loading time, PlayStation 5 to 0.8 seconds can go down.

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