Netflix is ​​the streaming option that will give you an original image when you are bored at home and you do not want to watch television. When it came up almost 20 years ago, the system, which sent DVDs directly to your home, debuted in 2007 with a broadcast service called Netflix . At the request of the audience, it has allowed you to watch hundreds of thousands of TV shows and movies without advertising. After 10 years, Netflix has become one of the biggest people in the entertainment field.

Netflix offers you a wide range of content you can not imagine, also offers you the opportunity to watch classic movies of recent times.

How Netflix Works

If you have used a service similar to Netflix before, it will not be difficult to use Netflix. When browsing the content on the Netflix website and app, you will see a small plus sign. This button will allow you to select the movies you will view later.
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Another thing you need to learn is to locate the options sorted by genre according to movies and television programs in Netflix. When watching a movie, series, you can choose from the special genres that you will come across, and then watch them later.

Netflix’s library contains a large number of films for you. As Netflix improves itself, it is likely that Netflix options will gradually shrink as competitors such as Hulu and Amazon bid. Not only in the field of film series, the original stand-up comedy feature also offers you the opportunity to spend quality time at home.

How Much Data Does Netflix Use?

The data you will determine based on your internet usage is as follows:

Low: Basic video quality uses up to 0.3 GB of data per hour
Medium: Standard video quality uses up to 0.7 GB of data per hour
High: Best video quality uses up to 3 GB per hour for HD and up to 7 GB per hour for Ultra HD
Automatic: Quality determined by your connection
Unlimited: The highest possible quality for your device and the program or movie you watch is as high as High.

How Much does Netflix Cost?

Netflix service develops as Basic, standard and premium subscriptions. No matter what kind of subscription you have, you will be able to access the same content as everyone else.

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For Basic Subscription

You can view Netflix content once on any device that supports this service. This subscription will cost you $ 7.99.

For Standard Subscription

To watch Netflix on two screens at the same time, you need a Standard subscription service for high definition delivery. This subscription will cost you $ 10.99.

For Premium Subscription

If you have a 4K TV and a strong enough internet connection, you can get a Premium Subscription for $ 12.99. You will not be charged for the first month for a subscription service that has 4K Ultra HD content and is capable of broadcasting up to four devices simultaneously.

What is Netflix?

If you are wondering what to watch in Netflix, we will not be able to give you a clear information. Because netflix has a lot of content that you can watch and more is added every month. Any night you could also spend hours looking for the right thing to watch.

By acquiring a Netflix subscription, you can enjoy uninterrupted movies, TV series and TV programs.


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