More than 50 Million Watched YouTube Videos

More than 50 million watched youtube videos

In these days, as the technology has progressed, Youtube videos have taken their place. One of the most recently watched videos of the Korean Group video review we made for you. What is more than 50 Million Watched YouTube Videos within 24 hours of publication? Let’s examine together.

This record, which is in the hands of a Ariana Grande, has passed into the hands of Koreans with the latest YouTube video. The current owner of the video, which was previously set to be watched by a Korean person, became the Korean band called Blackpink. Reaching millions of people in a short time, the clip was able to draw all the attention. Youtube record is now in the hands of Koreans. If the Koreans can keep this success, it is obvious that they can get good results.

Korean band broke YouTube record!

The Korean band, called Blackpink, broke the record with their latest song “Kill This Love”. According to the latest statistics, 56 million views in 24 hours were found to be the first in the field of music video. Three days after the song was published on Youtube, it reached more than 100 million views and became the fastest spreading music video. The music video is just as fun and impressive. That is why it has been monitored millions of times in 24 hours. And a new record was broken.

This record was previously held by Ariana Grande, who received 55 million views in 24 hours. The record is now in the hands of the Korean group. For the first time, Koreans succeeded in bringing themselves to the forefront in Youtube. Thanks to these achievements, it has made a name all over the world and at the same time has continued to break the records.

Youtube does not interrupt these successes. Of course, sharing the best video has managed to get the most views. The number of subscriptions to recently released channels is also increasing. In the coming days, we will identify the most subscribed channels for you, and we will conduct a study about them. Nowadays, with the development and change of technology, videos on Youtube are developing.

Today we’ve provided information on more than 50 Million Watched YouTube Videos . We will keep you informed of the new news in the coming days and we will take care to provide the necessary information.

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