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Those who are interested in space and planets are sky lovers. As such, they follow the agenda very well. I will also give you information about the first image of the Black Hole, which has come to the agenda recently with you today.

Black hole

For the first time, people saw a real photograph of a super-mass black hole. For the first time, the black hole was visualized by extraordinary computers, eight telescopes placed on five continents, hundreds of researchers and data available in many areas.

Horizon according to the results obtained from a project called Telescope images can be accessed from anywhere in the world, it was announced by Horizon Telescope project director Sheperd Doelen Bremen. In addition to the fastest way of painting, they gave astrophysicists a close-up of this unprecedented image to help confirm Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Sheperd Doeleman;

“Black holes are the most mysterious objects in the universe. We’ve been in this for a long time. If you work for a long time in this area, you will get a lot of results. As we struggled to see some, we saw unexpected things. We have seen the right things for human history. ” said.

kara delik

The black hole consists of a circular shadow surrounded by a bright orange ring. The great galaxy, about 55 million light years from the world, is situated in the middle of Messler. The black hole in this galaxy is 6.5 billion times larger than Horizon Telescope researchers predict. Astrophysicists involved in the researches, press conference;

“Basically you’re looking at a super-mass black hole that’s as big as the size of our entire solar system,. They said.

The Horizon Telescope is not a conventional telescope. On the contrary, it includes a radio telescope, which has been located on five continents, observing the same areas since 2017. Of course, a conventional telescope must be approximately Earth-sized to capture this black hole.

kara delik horizon

Horizon Telescope

“He had eyes as big as the world. If they were to observe only in the form of radio, they would not be able to pass on this huge picture to us. ”

Although the work has continued since 2017, it is only now concluded. The reason for this is the fact that the researches are carried out to the best and finest detail.


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