Dark Mode For Facebook Messenger Has Arrived

Dark Mode For Facebook Messenger Has Arrived

Facebook Messenger dark mode, Facebook’s product blog just after explaining this news today officially made available. While this feature is also used in Google and Youtube, it is now available via Facebook Messenger. Today we will talk with you about the Dark Mode for Facebook Messenger .

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

Facebook users will now be able to activate the dark mode by entering the Messenger settings menu and clicking a single button. This will make the user’s eyes less tired. If you want to let your phone charge a little more, you need to have an OLED screen. If there is an OLED screen, both eyes and phone will not get tired if you set Facebook Messenger to dark mode.

This feature, which converts the chat display from white to full black, is designed for use in low-light environments. If you turn on the dark mode, the screen brightness of your phone will also automatically decrease. In Google or Youtube it is claimed that dark mode is also used to save battery. Apple then brought to the agenda in the dark mode of OLED phones, which is also recently mentioned. It is often debated that this feature will be used on Apple devices as well as on Mac devices in the near future. Some people prefer to rest themselves and others because of their aesthetic taste.

Facebook has been releasing several updates for Messenger for a short time. The company, which develops Messenger on the one hand and WhatsApp on the other hand, plans to combine the two platforms in the future. This is probably the main application WhatsApp. However, this merger is not expected to occur soon. Because facebook services continues to improve day by day.

To Enable Dark Mode

Now, open Messenger and tap the silhouette icon in the upper left corner of the home screen or your profile picture to open the app’s settings. From there, just enable the anlık Dark Mode ”switch menu to the top of the menu. It’s that simple.

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When Dark mode is activated, you will have a true black dark mode. veya Galaxy S10 gibi OLED ekranlı telefonlarda pil ömründen tasarruf etmiş olacaksınız. This will save battery life on OLED-screen phones such as the iPhone X S or Galaxy S10. The theme was a work in progress before, but now seems to be completed. Dark Mode For Facebook Messenger is like this.

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