Bim to Sell Affordable iPhone 6 on August 17!

With the technological breakthroughs they have made in recent years, the competition between the retail market chains, which has made a name for itself, continues to fierce. Now BİM is preparing to sell cheap iPhone 6 on August 17th.

BİM market chains continue to sell with prices that really make users happy by making agreements that will surpass them in terms of technological products in recent years. By making a wholesale shopping agreement with many companies, BİM markets, which allow technology lovers to have more suitable devices, are planning to sell iPhone 6 on August 17.

As of today, there are no active iPhone 6 sales available in Apple stores, but BİM will have purchased the device in a wholesale manner, which will soon be available with not much stock. The price of the iPhone 6, which will go on sale in BİM stores on August 17, is determined as 1889 TL.

2 Year Official Warranty

BIM stores to be sold without telling device of the iPhone 6 will be under warranty for 2 years by Apple in Turkey not too late. The model will be available with 32GB memory and will be available with the iOS 11 operating system. Considering the economy of our country and the increasing amount of dollars, we recommend that the friends in need keep watch in front of BİM stores on Friday , August 17 . If you miss this deal, you may not be able to find such a cheap iPhone again, so let us warn you bol 🙂

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