Best Selling Phones on 11.11 Discounts

Every year on 11.11 on the crazy singles day discounts, we took a look at the best-selling phone models, here are the details …

As you know, Apple has long lost some blood against Chinese brands producing phones at an affordable price. But it still seems to have not lost its former popularity. Because the 11.11 bachelor’s day discount made every year, the most sales figure of this year’s adventure was the smartphone iPhone .

Alibaba’s 11.11 bachelor’s day discounts every year, this year, as a bomb, a complete shopping spree was lived with discounts. Not only on Alibaba, but on the day of singles, where we met with nice discounts all over the world, we got our share from devices like SSD, Camera, Smartphone, we can say that we started to think of Black Friday , the next discount storm.

1 Billion Dollars in 85 Seconds!

Alibaba , one of the biggest ecommerce sites in China and the world, has made a lot of talk about this bachelor’s day for the last few years. Alibaba , which managed to sell more than 100,000 cars on the same day on 11.11 last year, achieved a frantic sales figure of $ 1 billion in 85 seconds this year.

As we mentioned on the celibacy day this year, billions of dollars were sold, but the most noticeable discounts and competition were of course on the smartphone front, which has become the need of every human being. Huawei Mate 20 , a Chinese research firm that sells quite a bit of its output for a short period of time before launching 11.11 discounts, was eagerly awaited as a result of bachelor’s day discounts .

It would not be wrong to say that there was a lot of contention between Xiaomi and Huawei on the bachelor’s day this year. But besides all this, the iPhone has managed to become the best-selling smartphone. People do not compromise on the quality of Android problems in order to avoid dealing with the iPhone models again this year to say that it would not be wrong to say. In short, the storm of this year that the profit again stating that

No information has been shared about which iPhone models are selling the most for the time being, but unlike the latest ones, we can say that it sells more to the older models. Now we should calm down and not buy anything until the Black Friday discount and wait for those crazy days calmly 🙂

A small reminder recently, Huawei brand , Apple’s sales passed, was the second best-selling smartphone manufacturer. We thought it would be useful to mention this as a footnote. Really Huawei brand has been doing good things lately…

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