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Apple has made Apple News Plus, a subscription news service available to the public today. The common point of the announcement was of course privacy. Forming the announcement of various products made in Cupertino speech, press one of the services that give priority was undoubtedly Apple’s Apple News Plus. The service, which costs $ 9.99 per month, provides access to more than 300 magazines.

Google, a similarly geared rivals, Apple continues to investigate the privacy policy, this policy in the News Plus service brought to the fore. Tim Cook, CEO of the company, will not allow advertisers to follow us. The news you read through Apple News Plus will surely not follow you, he said.

Apple has been court-martialed with a 30 percent cut in the apps on the App Store. Consumers stated that Apple’s application amount increased disproportionately, while Apple stated that these responses should come from software developers rather than consumers.

Apple has never sacrificed its high price policy against all this, and according to some reports, there are some rumors in Apple News Plus that it will demand fifty percent of its revenue from publishers. There is no certain information about whether Apple News Plus will enter our country, when it will arrive and how much it will cost.

news plus

If you plan to do any reading on your MacOS laptop or desktop, you will need the new version of macOS 10.14.4 before you sign up for a subscription.

In your newly updated app, you will find “News Plus;; however, your location may vary depending on the device you are using. On an iPhone is the tab at the bottom. On an iPad, this is at the top of the menu on the left. Of course, the first use of Apple News Plus is said to be tested free of charge.

Another strange thing about this free trial is that if you unsubscribe from News Plus, you should know that your access will be terminated completely. You must also add a reminder to your phone or computer to unsubscribe from this Apple N ews Plus subscription the day before the renewal, if the free period expires. If you do not pay attention to these situations at the end of the month you will see that money has been cut.


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